Miss World 2013 Updates: Miss Philippines Included in Top 11 “Dance of the World” Finalists, but in National Costumes Finalists

Updates in the Miss World 2013 revealed  that Miss Philippines was included in Top 11 “Dance of The World” Finalists, but in National Costumes Finalists, Megan was not chosen. The winners would be announced during the Coronation Night on Saturday, September 28, 2013.

Megan Young, Image credit: Miss World.2013

The 2013 Miss World “Dance of The World” Top 11 Finalists are the following:

1.    Camila Andrade (Chile)
2.    Wei Wei Yu (China PR)
3.    Bernat Joely (Dominican Republic)
4.    Vania Larissa (Indonesia)
5.    Aoife Walsh (Ireland)
6.    Paulina Malulu (Namibia)
7.    Ishani Shrestha (Nepal)
8.    Megan  Young (Philippines)
9.    Karolína Chomisteková (Slovakia)
10.    Esonica Veira (US Virgin Islands)
11.    Karen Soto (Venezuela)

For the 2013 Miss World National Costumes, the Top 15 finalists are the following:

1.    Rosemary Keofitlhetse (Botswana)
2.    Camille Munro (Canada)
3.    Camila Andrade (Chile)
4.    Xafira Urselita (Curaçao)
5.    Leslassa Adey Armour Shillingford (Dominica)
6.    Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing (Hong Kong)
7.    Annamária Rákosi (Hungary)
8.    Vania Larissa (Indonesia)
9.    Sherry Wangui Gitonga (Kenya)
10.    Virginia Isabel Hernández Milachay (Panama)
11.    Elisabete Mejias Rodrigues (Portugal)
12.    Marilyn Ramos (South Africa)
13.    Elena Ibarbia Jiménez (Spain)
14.    Kanyaphak Phokesomboon (Thailand)
15.    Petra Cabrera Badía (United States Virgin Islands)

Aside from being a pre-pageant favorite, Miss Philippines, Megan Young, is a finalists also in the 2013 Miss World Beach Body and the 2013 Miss World Beauty with a Purpose.

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