Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida, Pre-Pageant Favorite; is among Top 6 Miss Universe Contestants Chosen for Mercedes Benz’s TV Commercial

Miss Philippines. Ariella Arida, remains to be a pre-pageant favorite as she continues to dazzle the crowd. She is, again, among the Top 6 Miss Universe Contestants chosen for the TV Commercial for Mercedez Benz.

Ariella Arida, 24, was also one of the 16 candidates among 86 countries for the Tony Ward Fashion Show. Miss Philippines’ “Ariba Walk” must have been noticed by the organizers of the show.

Miss Universe-Mercedes benz shoot, Image credit: MissUniverUSA.com


Previously, all the beauties participated also in painting Matryoshka dolls. An event that many of them enjoyed, apparently. On October 29, the candidates would be visiting the Dmitry Rogachev Federal Research and Clinical Center.

One of the most interesting events would be National Costume show at Vegas Mall on the November 3. For sure, Miss Philippines, Ariella Arida, would dazzle the crowd again in her national Filipino costume.

The other 5 candidates chosen for the Mercedes Benz commercial photo shoot were:

  • Miss Austria
  • Miss Russia
  • Miss Mexico
  • Miss Poland
  • Miss Germany

Miss Philippines has been predicted by local and international news to be in the Top 6 of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, alongside Miss Indonesia, Miss USA, Miss France, and Miss Australia. Some sites reported Miss Russia, Miss Ukraine and Miss Spain as strong contenders too.

Ariella Arida is following the footsteps of Megan Young, who was also a pre-pageant favorite. Megan eventually won the Miss World title, taking home the crown. If Ariella Arida wins Miss Universe, it would be an unprecedented back to back triumph of Pinays in the International Beauty Pageant arena.

The Miss Universe Beauty Pageant will be aired LIVE from the Crocus City Hall, in Moscow, Russia on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at 9 pm ET; and locally on Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 2 am.


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