Million People March Successful; Celebrity Tweets – Anne Curtis, President Noynoy Aquino – Images and Updates

MANILA, Philippines – The Million People March in Manila and other cities in the country on Monday, August 26, has been successful, peaceful and trash-free. A reported 300,000 (eye-witnesses said it was a million) people gathered to express their disapproval of the Pork Barrel Funds (PDAF) that are allocated to high government officials.

Filipinos from around the world, tweeted their support too. Some celebrities attended the Million People March, and posted images of updates, while some expressed their sentiments through other social media sites.

celebrity tweets million people march

Actress Anne Curtis, who is the Pinoy celebrity with the most followers on Twitter, voiced out her dismay. From her Twitter and Instagram accounts, she stated:


“Please stop corruption in the Philippines. Government officials, maawa naman kayo. That hard earned money should be going towards GOOD USE and the BETTER of OUR COUNTRY and the PEOPLE who need OUR HELP. It was NEVER meant for YOU to put in your own pockets. I may not be out there at the Quirino Grand Stand but I am ONE with EVERYONE that wants an explanation and wants to STOP CORRUPTION in the Philippines. #MillionPeopleMarch.”


ann curtis million people march

Karen Davila, Jim Paredes, Mike Bustos, Georgina Wilson, Dingdong Dantes and Derek Ramsay expressed their support of the Million People March and the abolition of the Pork Barrel Funds, as well.

Physically present in the venue were Jim Paredes, who, reportedly, performed before the crowd; Gloria Diaz, Rommel Padilla, Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez, Noel Trinidad, Bianca Gonzales, Willie Revillame, Dr. Eric Tayag and Leo Martinez.

Jim Paredes at the Million_People March, Image credit: Jim Paredes


On President Noynoy Aquino’s official Twitter account, he posted:

Noynoy Aquino ‏@noynoyaquino

“Dumami ang kakampi natin sa pagsasaayos sa sistema. Maraming salamat sa kanila.”


President Noynoy Aquino on Pork Barrel Scam
President Noynoy Aquino, Image credit: Noynoy Aquino/Twitter


On Philippine news sites, however, some netizens are putting the flak on PNoy because, according to their comments, he should have been more ‘watchful.’ They also urged him to get rid of his own Pork Barrel Fund, if he was sincere in his desire to weed out corrupt government officials. While many still support the president, more and more are becoming furious about the Janet Napoles Pork Barrel Scam as the case stays unresolved.

Million People March Poster, Image credit: Million People March


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