Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Universe Philippines; Reasons Why She Can Win the Crown

MANILA, PhilippinesMary Jean Lastimosa, the Philippines’ candidate for the 2014 Miss Universe Pageant, is considered a strong contender for the crown on January 25, 2015.

The charm and poise of Mary Jean Lastimosa, also called, MJ Lastimosa seemed to have captivated the hearts of onlookers in Miami, Florida.

Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Universe Philippines, Image credit: MJ Lastimosa FB Page

Her statuesque beauty and stunning vital statistics has made her a standout too in the swimsuit competition. Mary Jean is 27 years old and has Arabian roots too that made her face even more exotic among the 87 contestants from all around the world.

MJ Lastimosa is from North Cotabato and has graduated from the University of Mindanao as a Computer Engineer. She works as a model, an actress and is an upcoming successful businesswoman.

Top 7 reasons why Miss Philippines, Mary Jean Lastimosa, can win Miss Universe 2014

1. She has the “IT” factor. One look at her and you know she has something different.

2. She has a unique way of presenting herself onstage (the hip undulations?). Watch her walk on stage and you’ll know why.

3. Her figure is stunning, especially in a bikini. Wow!

4. Her smile is captivating. When she smiles the room lights up.

5. Her personality exudes confidence. The way she walks, talks and projects herself denotes confidence in herself.

6. She has gained enough experience. She has gone through lots of baptism by fire events that made her determined and resilient in bringing home the bacon this time.

7. She is Miss Philippines. What better reason than that?

Hurray, for Miss Philippines! Hopefully, she will bring the crown home to her “kababayans”, who are all rooting for her to win the Miss Universe 2014 on January 25, 2015.

Good luck Miss Philippines, Mary Jean Lastimosa!

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