Marijuana, Legal in Two US States

Two US States voted for the personal use of recreational marijuana as legal, reports say on August 2013. These states are Colorado and Washington.

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Marijuana has psychoactive compounds known as cannabinoids, with 9-THC (9- tetrahydrocannabinol) as the most active component. The drug gives a sense of euphoria and has certain medical uses. The substance could cause physical and mental addiction, however. It could also impair a person’s short term memory.

The US Justice Department has not challenged the State Law that legalizes marijuana in Colorado and Washington. The department has stated, though, that:

“The Justice Department will work with the states to craft regulations that fall in line with the federal priorities.”

Reportedly, Colorado and Washington are adapting guidelines similar to that of alcohol and cigarette, some of them are:

  • Users should be 21 years old and above
  • Stores should have permits or licenses to sell
  • The maximum amount of marijuana sold should not exceed 28 grams
  • Just like cigarette, there are ‘smoking areas’ and ‘non-smoking areas’
  • Cultivation of marijuana on public lands
  • Drugged driving

There are still additional laws and regulations governing the use of marijuana in these two states. Even bank accounts are monitored to prevent greedy, enterprising people to turn it into a huge business haven of drug lords and drug rings.

The program is closely observed and monitored to evaluate loopholes and deficiencies in the implementation. These States could pattern the regulations of marijuana’s legalization on some European areas, like Amsterdam, where marijuana is considered legal.

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