Marcos family Not Guilty of ill-gotten wealth

MANILA, Philippines – Although a local TV network disclosed that the Marcos family were not free of the ill-gotten wealth charges, evidences from international and some brave local news reports have revealed that former President Marcos, Imelda Marcos and their children, Imee, Bongbong and Irene were found- NOT GUILTY of the charges.

The news is not so much publicized, but Filipino citizens have the right to know. More and more young people are recognizing the concrete evidences of what the Marcos government has done for the masses. Most probably, it is the wealthy and rich who got affected by Marcos’ “strong hand” era.

President Ferdinand Marcos
President Ferdinand Marcos

Here are articles and videos showing evidences that the Marcos family were acquitted of the ill-gotten wealth charges. As the cliché goes: “Truth will always prevail.”

SC clears FM heirs of ill-gotten charges

Imelda Marcos acquitted of all charges by US government

Imelda Marcos is acquitted of graft

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