Manny Pacquiao Update on Tax Case: Dear Kim Henares Letter Goes Viral

MANILA, Philippines – A letter written in defense of Boxing Superstar Manny Pacquiao by Ira Panganiban, reportedly, goes viral on social media sites. Ira Panganiban is a newscaster of Inquirer Radio.

The letter talked about how the BIR was not able to garnish Lucio Tan’s bank accounts in spite of his tax cases and how Kim Henares should run after him, as well, if she runs after Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao

To date, the Dear Kim Henares Letter has more than 7,000 likes on one site; 4,721 on Facebook, re-tweeted 70 times and shared 6,352 times, with the numbers still growing.

Below is the letter of Ira Panganiban to BIR Kim Henares:


Dear Kim Henares,


I do not doubt your sincerity to collect taxes from every Filipino, living or dead.


I do not even doubt your integrity in making sure that you are able to collect the proper taxes from everyone.


I am however questioning your motives and arbitrary choice in the personalities you choose to prosecute.


I am going to cite one particular person who has been on the BIR’s radar as a perennial tax evader for the last 20-years with cases going in and out of court.


His name is Lucio Tan and he owes the country more than 5-billion pesos in tax liabilities decided on numerous times by the Supreme Court as executory and final and yet no garnishment order was ever made until his petition reaches the SC, who would then reverse their decisions time and again.


Lucio Tan was never known for his philanthropy or good business practices. He authored the contractualization of PAL and Asia Brewery employees which was not only detrimental to Filipino Labor but also to taxes that could be collected from these workers had they been regular employees.


Lucio Tan is also accused of ill-gotten wealth from his Marcos days, and yet he continues to enjoy his money.


Congressman Manny Pacquiao’s case is not even at the High Court and his earnings have already been garnished.


You have been given certified true copies of Pacman’s tax payments in the US and yet you refuse to recognize this and insist on originals which I believe, but I may be mistaken, even ?US citizens have no access to.


And to think that Pacquiao earned his money through honest, literally blood, sweat and tears. And he is one of about ten persons who insist in keeping his money in the Philippines because he is a patriot.


He could have stashed it somewhere you cannot reach if he had things to hide, but he kept it here, so our economy can make use of it.


You cannot even freeze the money of politicians involved in the PDAF scam but you can do this to an ordinary man who managed to rise above all of you through hard work, guts, integrity and the work of his own hands.


And that is why your integrity is rapidly being eroded, because you don’t seem to think anymore. You just grab the first victim that cannot fight you.


Because even if Pacquiao is a Congressman, he is not connected to the old boys club and so does not have the clout of the Tan’s, Sy’s, Dy’s and others.


Oh, and Lucio Tan did give over 100 million to Noynoy’s election kitty while Pacquiao was with the opposition.


I guess we know now the motivations don’t we?


Yours disgustedly,


Your Boss’s Boss

4 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Update on Tax Case: Dear Kim Henares Letter Goes Viral”

  1. We love you Cong. Pacqiuao, I know you are concerned with your fellows and you have responsibilities with them but, you are a citizen and you have to fulfill your duties as a citizen not as entertainer or celebrity, we have laws to follow and you need to pay your taxes because these taxes will help a lot of Filipino people. I know your conscience dictates what is right… listening to people will make you more confuse because people see you as a hero not a citizen… if you love your nation BE A LOYAL TAX PAYER… mabuhay ka cong. manny pacquiao…

  2. Who is Ira Panganiban? He/She makes a lot of good points; all of them in fact. I love that he/she underscored the fact that not even one bank accounts of those involved in the PDAF scam was garnished whereas the perceived and potential enemy at the polls like Manny was.

    It was fascinating to know that an alleged tax evader involving multi-billion pesos was blithely ignored by these financial watchdogs simply because the man was a heavy contributor to the Emperor’s presidential campaign warchest.

    What a delightful and cogent presentation of facts. I’m impressed, which means my blood pressure is positively seething.

    I want to have coffee with Ira. Is it possible? lol

  3. I’m a religious taxpayer and I would no longer pay a single centavo if I could because my tax is just pocketed by the crocodiles in government. They should be giving back to the people the money they bamboozled through taxes.


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