Lazaro Arbos Is Voted Off; Amber Holcomb and Lazaro Arbos in Bottom 2 on American Idol 2013

Lazaro Arbos is eliminated on American Idol 2013. Amber Holcomb and Lazaro Arbos were in the Bottom 2 on American Idol , April 11, as votes came in tonight, Thursday.

The two Idol contestants’ fans seem to have slackened off in voting for their idols; Lazaro was in the Top 3 the previous week.

The performance of Amber Holcomb was well applauded, while Lazaro “improved” allegedly. Lazaro Arbos sung for the judges’ save, but the judges opted not to save him.

Lazaros Arbos eliminated AI 2013
Lazaros Arbos, Image credit: AI 2013

The judges sentiments.

“We love you and you’ve been a treasure to the show, but unfortunately we’re not going to use the save.”

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