Key Elements of a Happy Marriage

Nowadays, when two people fall in love and marry, some of the guests would often wonder how many years the marriage would last.


How to Keep a Marriage Alive


This is because divorce rates are increasing alarmingly. A suggestion that marriage should be a 10-year renewable contract was even considered.

This is apparently to avoid the lengthy process and expensive fees of divorce.

Sometimes, it takes only a few months when these same couples, who have vowed to love each other, are not even on speaking terms.

What has gone wrong? Have they suddenly “fallen out of love” ? While this would be the scenario for some, most cases just need a little “prepping up” to allow couples to fall in love again.

What then are the factors that contribute to a happy marriage? The following are considered by many as the key elements of staying in love and happy.

*Avoid too many expectations

It may surprise you to know that countries, which practiced pre-arranged marriages, like in India, have lower divorce rates or separations.

This is notwithstanding the fact that the marriages were pre-arranged by parents. Two unique individuals who have met perhaps a few days earlier would be wed and then live together as husband and wife.

In these cases, the only expectation of the wife from the husband is for him to provide for the family. On the other hand, the husband’s expectation is for the wife to attend to the family.

Hence, when the husband happens to have extra skill aside from expected, the wife becomes happy, and vice versa. Expecting too many things from a person, which is usually the case with “love-marriages,” brings disappointments and unhappiness.

*Have mutual consideration

Being sensitive of the other’s feelings and being considerate about them, is a trait that you should learn to practice if you want a happy marriage. Learn how to interpret your partner’s feelings.

*Learn how to appreciate

Appreciation from persons you love is always an ego booster. It is the energy that keeps you going. How often do people fail to appreciate because they got used to a person doing things for them.

Don’t let this happen to your marriage. Learn how to appreciate each other, whether to say that her new hairstyle suits her, or to comment on how he looks gorgeous in his outfit. It also means saying the simple but important phrases, like “Thank you,” “I’m sorry,” and “I love you.”

*Keep communication lines open

Whatever happened during the day, whether you have been in good terms or not, you should find time to communicate with each other at the end of the day.

Having a good conversation would update you with each other’s events and would also keep you connected so that problems would be solved before they get bigger.

There is no perfect formula applied to all couples for a happy marriage.

Each couple should discover what would work for both of them to stay happy.

But these simple pointers can help significantly in achieving your goal

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