Ken Armstrong My Favorite Entrecard Blogger and a Big Contest at Entredropper

Blogging has been an exhilarating world for me! I had the chance to meet new friends from all over the globe and acquire new information in the process.

Recently I chanced upon Entredropper, an apparently revolutionizing blog which started with a BIG contest. You write about your Favorite Entrecard Blogger and you’ll get to win 1st prize – $ 40, second prize $ 30 and three , 3rd prize – $10 each.

It is with honor and privilege that I write a post about my favorite entrecard bloggerKen Armstrong of Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff.

I would like to enumerate the reasons in an organized fashion because there are several. This wonderful man had made my blogging life so colorful and meaningful.

I wouldn’t start the day without dropping by his blog and reading his post for the day, so without further ado here are the following reasons why Ken is my favorite entrecard blogger:

1. Ken remains the same humble and unassuming person I came to know from the time when his visitors were just a handful up to this time that he has more than a hundred readers.

He has no airs about his talents and treats everyone fairly and makes all his readers feel special. You can always count on him to help you out as often as he can. That’s a true blogger for you. A good and kind person through and through.

2. He is multi-talented; being a poet, reviewer, writer, and actor. He was able to publish a number of his theater and radio plays. He won in several writing competitions:

Twice Winner: London Radio Playwright’s Festival

Winner: Dickens Museum Anniversary Short Story Competition Twice Winner: Mid and North West Radio Play

These are only some of his winning articles.

He is an actor too (Yes, he’s good looking, and only 45 years old, but he’s taken ladies, lol… sorry!) and had performed in several plays, like “One for the Road” and others.

He is also a co- writer in a short film in Channel 31 – which is scheduled for shooting in early July 2009.

Visit his blog for a view of his complete writing resume’.

His sterling qualifications prove that he deserves to be my favorite entrecard blogger.

3. His posts bring genuine entertainment and information to readers from all over the blogosphere. He writes about a variety of topics, from fantasy, to informative , to fiction , to movie review, to book review; name it , he can write about it with gusto and fervor. That’s a true blogger for you.

4. His blog is designed simply which reflects the man- a simple but brilliant person who infected every blogger positively with his wit and humor. He always manages to put a smile on everyone’s face. His theme/template is nothing fancy, but the true gems lie in his articles as one gets to read them.

5. He has been nominated for the Irish blog awards and I had nominated him to the Best Blogger’s Choice 09 Awards. I firmly believe he deserves both of these accolades.

This post has long been overdue. But Ken, I choose you as my “Favorite Entrecard Blogger” for the reasons stated above and for so many reasons I know I may have failed to mention.

For the mechanics of the contest; Click through the slide below.

19 thoughts on “Ken Armstrong My Favorite Entrecard Blogger and a Big Contest at Entredropper”

  1. Jena Isle! I’m blushing now! 🙂

    We are ‘growing up in blogging’ together, you and I, and I take every bit as much pleasure in your successes and growth as I know you do in mind.

    Thank you for your undiminished support and encouragement over the last year. May these things which you give so very generously come back to you a hundred-fold. 🙂


  2. To Entredropper.

    I can’t edit the post to add the sponsors for the contest (I don’t know what’s wrong); so I’m adding it the comment portion instead. I hope this will be considered. Thanks.


    Viral Emails | The Lie Politic | My Reality Television | Sinigang For the Soul | Blogs That Follow

  3. As you say, Jena, Ken not only has a great blog, he is a great blogger. I noticed how he uses all of his skills to enhance his blog. He is both writer and actor and in a recent post, he reads a selection he has written. I think that’s really nifty. We get to see how both of his talents combine! A fascinating blog. Great choice for Best Entrecard Blog!

  4. Hi Jean,

    Thanks for the visit. I’m glad you agree with my choice. Ken deserves it.

    Hi Ken,

    You deserve it my friend. Yes , indeed we are growing up together…But, you’re way up there now…lol…and I’m happy for you.

    May you have more successes for this year and the coming years. Good luck and God bless.

  5. Hi Patricia,

    I’m happy you agree with me. Did you listen to the audio of “The Visibility”? It was cool! The writer-actor has now an audio story…Thanks and all the best to you too.

  6. Hi Jena,
    I would be blushing, too, if I were Ken (hi Ken). This is an awesome post in honoring about your favorite Entrecard Blogger.

    Ken is indeed multitalented. He can make me cry on one post and make me laugh on another. I’m always entertained by his blog posts. Yes, Ken is truly desrving of this kind of acknowledgment.

    Congratulations, Ken. You have my vote also.

    Have a great day, Jena.

  7. Hi Tasha,

    Thanks for agreeing with me. I know majority of you will agree with my choice and I know most of you have been to Ken’s blog and know what I’m talking about.

    Take care and God bless too.

  8. Wow!

    I am very much aware of Ken’s credentials. But to read to all it one sitting (plus some new ones I still don’t know of) is really overwhelming!

    And he still have time to drop his Entrecard 😉

    Ken, you should share your secret on time management.

    and yes, of course, you definitely deserve Jena’s vote!

    Good luck Jena! Hope you win

  9. Excellent write up! Very thorough… 🙂
    Hope you got the 100 EC credits. More power to your site!

    Thank you for joining and helping us promote the contest. Good luck!

    (Yes, noted on the sponsors listed on the comments list. We think it may be the google embed apps, but it’s Google’s fault. I’m sure they are aware of this issue with Blogger. Nonetheless, it didn’t affect your entire post. looks good to us!)

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