Jessica Sanchez: What Makes Her Special?

Jessica Sanchez
Image Credit: Americanidol

Jessica Sanchez was not crowned the winner of American Idol 2012, but Phillip Phillips; she is still considered by many as a winner though. This is because this 16-year old budding diva from Chula Vista, California has various traits that make her a winner.

What makes Jessica Sanchez special?

Jessica brims with optimism

We rarely witness young contenders smiling happily when the name of their co-competitor is announced the winner. Jessica displayed the maturity and good breeding of a genuine optimistic person.

According to international news, she even stated positively in succeeding interviews that Phillip Phillips deserved to win American Idol a hundred %. She was showing to the world how to be graceful in defeat. Many adults should follow her example.

Jessica knows her true worth

She knows what she wants and is confident she has the capacity to achieve it.  She is certain she is worth much more than winning the American Idol crown; that there are tons of opportunities out there waiting for her.

Jessica is not afraid to work hard for her dreams

She knows the value of hard work in the pursuit of her dreams. And she does not shirk from the responsibilities that come with it. Her work ethics on American Idol was never an issue.

Jessica has a priceless gift

She has a priceless gift that is her voice. There’s no one like her in the music industry.

Who can sing and hold her own against Jennifer Holliday at the age of 16? ONLY Jessica Sanchez!

Jessica has a good heart

Jessica is a good daughter to her parents and a loving sister to her siblings. She acknowledges both her Mexican and Filipino ancestry, and is proud of both. (Watch out fans, for upcoming music singles in both languages.)

Jessica is also a singing superstar worth emulating by her fans, who have tagged her now as World Idol.

Jessica is humble

She may be one of the gifted singers in the music industry, and the runner-up of American Idol 2012 with millions of fans worldwide, but her hat still fits her head. She is so down –to-earth; fans could relate to her readily.

Jessica Sanchez is special, with all these sterling traits, and these are only some of them.  American Idol? Perhaps not. A World Idol? A resounding yes!

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