Jessica Sanchez to Party in Malibu on Her 18th Birthday

Jessica Sanchez will party in Malibu on August 4 on her 18th Birthday. This was disclosed by the American Idol runner-up on her official Twitter account.

Jessica posted this on Twitter:

“Wanna come party with me in LA? I’ll fly you and a friend out to hang with me and my friends at my beach-y 18th birthday party in Malibu on August 4th! Send me an Instagram video proving you’re my biggest fan… Tag it ‪#‎JessicasEndlessSummer‬ & I’ll choose one of you to come. Good luck :)”

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez has had a hectic schedule hopping from one event to another. On top of that, she also continues to promote her album, “Me, You and the Music.” The sales of the album have slowly been increasing, as the album became available in stores, online and offline. There were reports of the album going out of stock in some music stores.

Jessica Sanchez will turn 18 soon. Hopefully, her Birthday Party with her fans in Malibu would be a momentous event she would truly remember.

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