Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick Talk to Fans via Ustream (Video)

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick had talked with their fans via Ustream last Monday, June 18.

Jessica, American Idol runner-up, Joshua Ledet and DeAndre, American Idol finalists, had also visited the Universal Studios, where they enjoyed their time together. At the Universal Studios, they couldn’t resist buying straw glasses as they tweeted a picture with a caption.

At Ustream, Jessica and DeAndre talked to their fans from all over the globe, as they replied to their fans’ questions, and sometimes hum a tune or two.

At Twitter, Jessica was greeted by her fans from all over the world, to places as far as Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Jessica and the rest of the Top 10 American Idol finalists are busy rehearsing for their American Idol LIVE tour.

Below is a YouTube video of some of Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick’s Ustream conversation with their fans, courtesy of Jessica Sanchez Crew.

Jessica Sanchez and DeAndre Brackensick Talking with fans via Ustream

Video credit: Jessica Sanchez Crew/YouTube

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