Japanese Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Robot Discoveries: Telenoid and Geminoid Demonstrate Startling Results

Hiroshi Ishiguro had made an identical copy of himself with startling results; the human android could be mistaken as him. The robot said after Hiroshi’s speech that next time, he would be better in lecturing than his own creator.

The Japanese robot engineer revealed that he could use the robot to lecture and many people would not notice the difference. The sci-fi plot is actually now occurring in real life.

Hiroshi Ishiguro, Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

Hiroshi Ishiguro has been developing automatons for years now and he is confident that robots could be of great help in the future in the different aspects of the human life.

The robot is made of a genuine hair from the roboticist, himself, and silicone human-like rubber. It is operated through remote tele – control by another person when Hiroshi and his look-alike robot were on stage.

Science fiction is now becoming a reality, with robots being able to detect what the human species is thinking or feeling through electrical signals, and brain waves. Perhaps Hiroshi Ishiguro would discover in his laboratory research how to read the human mind, which makes other people wary of the experiment.

His robot clone reportedly attended ATR meetings in his stead. Hiroshi talked about how he could operate the Geminoid from his home and could sometimes ‘feel’ the sensations the robot is undergoing.

Hiroshi is conducting robot experiments with other scientists to discover how humans and robots interact with each other, among other things.

He disclosed that robots would be able to help in assisting elderly persons and in helping people with their chores and tasks, some robots are now in operation as part of the experiment.

Hiroshi Ishiguro‘s Telenoid has a neutral appearance without any gender and could be associated with anyone. The Elfoid is another creation of Hiroshi that works on cell phones.

Robots could, perhaps, diminish casualties in high risk jobs like bomb detonators and high-risk police tasks.

It is a scary thought that someday robots, Geminoids, or human androids may rule the world, just like in the sci-fi movies that people thought may never come true.

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