Interesting Things to Do during the Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year on January 31, 2014 would be celebrated all over the world, not only by the Chinese community, but by host countries, as well. The Chinese communities usually welcome their visitors to share with their celebrations. Here are some interesting things people could do during the 2014 Chinese New Year – the Year of the Wooden Horse.


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Wear anything red

The color code for the celebration is red; red clothes, red decors, red papers, and red environment. The red color is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Sometimes, the Chinese community offers free costumes for photo sessions. You can have their hair styled the Chinese way, and use all props available to feel the spirit of New Year.

Watch the Dragon Dance

The Dragon Dance has always been part of Chinese New Year events. Do not forget to bring your video-cam with you to record this awesome cultural dance. The Dragon Dance could be part of a parade, so be read to capture those breathtaking colorful moments.

Join their Lantern Festival

Create and design your own lantern and participate in their Lantern Festival. In Britain, they even encouraged children to create their own lanterns by holding a contest. The Chinese community in London is getting ready for a grand celebration. Online, you can find tips in designing your own lanterns.

Eat Chinese food

You can dine like a Chinese for a day. Try those scrumptious Chinese cakes and dishes. In the Philippines, there would be a string of food stalls in China Town in Binondo. Giveaways also await visitors, as disclosed by Binondo organizers.

The Year of the Horse is a good year reportedly for businesses that have to do with tourism. Read HERE for more 2014 predictions.

To all Chinese communities all over the world, “Kung Hei Fat Choi” (Happy New Year).


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