Increase Traffic To Your Blog: How To Make The Most of Your Entrecard

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I have discovered this through trial and error, and I want to share this short pointers with whoever is interested:

1. Make your “Drop In Box” the basis of what blogs to drop on. Start backwards from the last going to the first dropper.

I usually start with page no.5. Then click on the “cards you haven’t dropped on”, when I proceed to pages 4,3,2, and then 1.

I find this very effective because I receive more drops, than when I started with page 1. ( of course, using the Entrebar will facilitate dropping.)

2. If you have several blogs. Don’t drop all the 300 cards on one blog and forgo dropping cards for the rest of your blogs.
Instead, drop at least 50 -100 cards per blog , making sure that all of your blogs have at least 50-100 drops/day.

3. Invite guest bloggers and watch your links increase. It is also one way of strengthening friendships .

4. Be generous in helping other people. It wouldn’t hurt you if you extend a helping hand.
In helping others, in the long run, this will come back to you too.
GIGO- “Garbage In –Garbage Out”.
I started with 4 readers in my Gewgaw Writings and now it is a lot more.

5. Stop and comment on posts you find interesting . You could not contribute anything worthwhile if you just comment for the sake of it. Sincerely commenting on other blogs will surely gain you some good friends and – of course – readers too.

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6. Always reply to your readers ( I know this have been emphasized by no less than Graham himself). It’s like acknowledging them and showing them some respect.

7. If you have more time , then you can venture on the “Campaign Bar” and visit new blogs to add more to your favorites.

8. Buy advertisement spaces from other entrecarders. This will increase the visits and of course readership of your posts.

I’m still learning and experimenting on the various activities.
I’ll let you know if I discover something again.
Happy blogging!

8 thoughts on “Increase Traffic To Your Blog: How To Make The Most of Your Entrecard”

  1. Hi Jena,
    This post is very informative and very helpful to all of us. Now, if only I have the time to do all these, I’d be all set. I need more time in a day–about four more hours would do greatly. Great post and thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for your tips! Will surely help increase traffic to my blog. Yes, commenting on blogs are very important – I always appreciate all those who comment on my blog. At least I know my hard work writing the posts are worth my time!

  3. Hi Tasha,

    I do this usually after work. About two hours, I use a mozilla application in which I can open 5 blos simultaneously. While the others are opening I comment or drop on the others.

    Thanks for the visit.

  4. Excellent tips Jena as always your very helpful. I agree with Tasha though there needs to be more time in the day. I use Firefox, and when using the entrebar, open 10 blogs at once. I then can drop read and comment while the others are still opening. It speeds things up a little.

    Again thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words.

  5. Hi Eric, thanks for the visit and comment. I would be happy if you’d be able to learn something from my post.

    All the best and happy blogging.

  6. Your suggestion is good Eric, open 10 blogs simultaneously and then start reading the others as the rest are opening.

    Thanks for that.


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