Increase Clickbank Sales Using Free Blogs

By: Engracia S. Arceo, MPH, BSMT

Clinkbank is one of the reasons for the massive success of many online products. It is a digital database of retail products. This is where vendors and their affiliates meet to do business for each other. Although bringing your product to clickbank can do well for your business, the step does not end there. You need to market your merchandise to increase your income. Because some article directories do not allow the inclusion of links, you can create free blogs to increase traffic to your site and convert this to clickbank sales.

Create a Free Blog – Creating a free blog that features your merchandise is the initial step to increase your sales. If you are a beginner in the world of blogging, there are many sources online that will teach you the step-by-step methods to create one for yourself. is a good way to start. The site will help you decide your lay-out and design. Once you have the design in mind, think about your title. Make sure that your title has relevance to your product in order to increase your clickbank sales.

Add Content to your Blog – You can include anything in your blogs like product reviews, testimonials or informative articles but all of these must be relevant to your niche to make visitors come back. When online visitors go to your blog, you increase traffic and you have higher chances of directing them to your desired website. Through free blogs, you have higher chances of increasing your clickbank sales.

Create Free Blogs for Each of your Products – Because blogs are specific to a certain topic, try to create a new blog for the merchandise different from your first. You can repeat the first two steps above. As you become an expert in the creation of blogs, you will find it easier and faster for you to set up more in the future. The more pages you have, the better for your clickbank sales.

Add Link – Because your primary objective in creating a page is to market your merchandise, make sure that you optimized the search engine by adding keywords in your posts. After each article, review or testimonial, add an author resource box at the bottom. In this section, include your short biography and the link of your affiliates. When you have interested guests, they can just click on the link and it will lead them to your affiliates’ site. Once in the site, make your page as fascinating and as persuasive as possible to convince your visitors to take appropriate action. An efficient sales page is beneficial for your clickbank sales.

Try the Links – After setting up your blog, you need to verify whether it is working well. A non-functional link will only waste all your efforts. Try clicking the hyperlink and see whether it directs you to an affiliate’s website. Once in the website, try to click the sales page and clickbank ordering button. Once you know that everything is working well, you can be confident that your clickbank sales will rise in no time.

3 thoughts on “Increase Clickbank Sales Using Free Blogs”

  1. Awesome idea. Creating free blogs for several topics or niche to accommodate products is a good way to go and can work well if set up properly. Thanks Jen. Been so busy that this did not cross my mind. Recommended..

    • Hi DiTesco,

      I, too, know this but have to be patient , perhaps and DO it. Very logical right? I know how busy you are. Thanks for dropping by. Your blog has a new theme and it is better. How much was your google adsense? lol….

  2. Hi, helpful tips. Are you into affiliate marketing? I am torn between clickbank and paydotcom since it is my first time. Hope you can help. Thanks!


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