Incompetent and Unresponsive Government? Use Twitter to Report them to Appropriate Organizations and to Call Attention of the International Media

Some people may not know it, but all over the world, Twitter is significantly affecting their lives. Twitter fulfilled a pivotal and significant role in revolutions all over the world, and during natural catastrophes.

On the lighter side, you can tweet your favorite stars directly, and if you’re lucky, they, or their PAs would reply. You could ask the star involved if so and so controversies are true or not.

There is one major role that Twitter can do for you, too – provide a venue for you to report excesses of your government to concerned international organizations, such as the WHO, and the UN. You could even call the attention of the international media to expose your government’s wrongdoings. These organizations may not acknowledge your tweet, but they would almost always alert the government concerned. Your government will have to take appropriate action.

United Nations
Image credit: United Nations

So, if your government is corrupt, incompetent, and unresponsive to the needs of its citizens, get a picture or an evidence of this and tweet international organizations, the media, or private persons who could help you out.

Most governments around the world are conscious of their international image, so they would respond. It may seem that your tweet did not accomplish anything because the organization and your government would not acknowledge it, but when you see some action being done about your concern, then your tweet has been acted on ‘silently’, so act now before it is too late.

Use Twitter and get significant and quicker results, especially if you have pictures to prove your point.

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