In View of Increasing Global Violence: Can conscience be wrong?

By: MeAnne Carreon

There are many theories and explanation of what conscience is. According to many theories evolved, “conscience is inherent and unmistaken, but can also be inherent and can be misapplied.” I did not believe it because conscience cannot be misapplied or be involved in doing evil. It is a complete contrast. There are only two ways, following the conscience or following pride and selfishness. There is nothing in the middle.

Since the ideas and explanation of many evolving theories were derived from the Bible, I want to discuss my perspective and conclusion of what conscience is from the Bible.

Conscience is the voice of God. It originates since the creation. Man is made through the words of God even all creation that we have seen. In genesis, our Father in heaven said, let there be light and on sixth day, man lives because of His words and that words live in us. Conscience is the voice of God in man. Likewise, Bible is the breath of God, whom who had received it, will have life. It is already instilled in us in birth. The origin of the conscience is the Bible, the Holy Scriptures, the breath of God.


The Bible and the conscience is one and so is the Father in heaven, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Conscience is the natural instinct that defines good and evil. Knowing good and shunning evil. That’s why if your thinking and belief do not coincide with the teachings of the Bible, your conscience will accuse you.

In some point you ignore the voice because you don’t want to face the accusation and resist admitting you are wrong. Continuity of that attitude and behavior, your perception of wrong will be swayed into the perception that what you do is right. Then you will be led into believing that what you do is right and conclude “your conscience is clear”. But deep within you that is not true, because the truth—you have already shunned the Bible.

You resist conscience and do not accept the teachings of the Bible. You do not accept the voice of God. What you accept and acknowledge is your own voice—your voice of pride and selfishness. That’s why any teachings or acceptance that does not come from the Bible, your conscience will accuse you.

There is no such thing as, “Your conscience is wrong” because conscience cannot be wrong. The wrong thing is your perception of conscience. Example, there are two greatest commandments given by Jesus and any deviation from these two or if one of them is violated, conscience will be at work.

Conscience is the law that is written in our hearts. The conscience was instilled by our Father in heaven into our hearts. He made us through words and through His words, man lives. Conscience is destined for us to continue doing good and leading us to our Creator, because those Words- the Bible, came from our Father in Heaven- bringing us back to HIM.

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