I Finally Found my Best Friend in Facebook

I was in college when I met Polly. She was a lovely, soft – spoken, well-mannered lady who had a good word for everyone. Life became more meaningful with her around. Every time I thought, I was going to give up, she was there urging me on, inspiring me. We shared the same room and I was fascinated at how thoughtful she was, always thinking about my welfare and benefit. She was always there to lend a helping hand and a sympathetic ear. I do not think college would have been thrice as memorable without my best friend Polly. And yes, there was one time, I had wished my cousin and she would hit it off, but I guess, fate has a strange way of directing things, because she finally met the man of her dreams…lol…in the person of her husband. Polly, I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone of our covert conversations about your great love…lol…

Polly, my best friend

Do you remember when I used to cook one piece of tuyo (dried fish) for lunch because the city was isolated then and there was no way we could get our allowances? Do you remember how we survived that one month of rains and storms when there was no vestige of outside help? We were lucky our dorm was one of the sturdiest buildings in the campus. But you made me endure all of those challenges with a smile on my lips and a song in my heart. You were the sunbeam during my darkest days and the silver lining during my hopeless hours.

When college life ended, I carried our good memories together as we went our separate ways. Life went on as usual. I lost contact with you from then on, but I always prayed for you every chance that I got, hoping life was treating you well.

I always smile when I remember you- my best friend; your sweet smile, your soothing, gentle voice, your loyalty, your kindness, your courage, your true friendship.

Thanks, best friend for bestowing upon me your precious friendship and welcoming me into your life. I will treasure all of these in my heart, for as long as I live. I have never thought we’d meet again but God has strange ways. After more than 20 years, our paths finally crossed and….Would you believe it? I found you, my best friend, in Facebook! The wonders of technology, I was exultant!

The wrinkles are there, the sagging extra “baggage” are unsightly, but deep inside us, we are still the same persons, (hopefully more mature) that we were before. I know it will be a long process to keep up and be re-acquainted with each other again, but well, what’s important is we are once more re-connected. I love you best friend and I thank God that our paths have intersected again.

8 thoughts on “I Finally Found my Best Friend in Facebook”

  1. ah, yes. facebook has reunited a lot people. I also found a friend I was searching for the longest time in fb. and it feels good isn't it… to find the person who knows a lot about us.

    nice looking back at all those memories. I'm happy you found your friend, Jen.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. Reunions are usually heart warming and comfy, the only reunion I hate attending is the reunion with ken lol! tc1 🙂

  3. Hi Jena,
    My, oh, my. You've been busy, girl. How many blogs do you have now?

    So good that you've finally gotten reconnected with your best friend. What a wonderful feeling that must be.



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