How to Handle Financial Conflict in a Marriage

If a clear-cut agreement about handling finances has not been done before a marriage, for sure financial conflicts will occur eventually. Research studies have discovered that money problems have been one of the major causes of divorce.


How to Handle Financial Conflict in a Marriage
How to Handle Financial Conflict in a Marriage



Hence, if you want your marriage to last, then do something about any problem regarding your finances. To help you handle such situations, here are some suggested steps.

1. Determine the root cause of the conflict

When did your money problems start to occur? Why did it occur? Be able to identify the specific root cause. What particular aspect of your finances triggered the conflict? If you are able to do this, then you can solve the problem more quickly.

2. Brainstorm to come up with solutions

After you have determined the root cause, you can then brainstorm for possible solutions. You should do this as a couple because solving the conflict involves both partners. You will also learn about what your spouse has in mind. You may want to specify what role would each of you undertake when coming up with solutions.

3. Compromise when there are opposing ideas

Learn to compromise if you have an item that you do not agree on. This is what mature people do when conflict arises. Due to pride and anger though, couples tend not to give in. Let it be a “win-win” situation where you come out both winners by agreeing on a compromise.

Be sure though, that each of your roles is clearly defined. Who would pay for the house rent? The car loan? Food and lodging? Clarify specific items until you reach a comfortable agreement that both of you are amenable to.

4. Implement accordingly

Do not agree to the compromise unless you intend to fulfill your part of the bargain. If you genuinely want to save your marriage, then be consistent and serious about doing your part.

It can be quite a challenge especially if it involves scarcity of funds, but with an ingenious mind, nothing is impossible. There is always a solution to a problem; that is why it is called a problem.

All of these should be done in an atmosphere of mutual love and concern. Remember, you are a couple and should solve the conflict as a couple. If you are able to hurdle this test in your relationship, it would make you closer, more mature and would also strengthen your marital bonds.

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