How Setting Goals can Motivate People in Life

For people to be able to stay motivated in any undertaking, they have to set short term and long term goals.


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This is because knowing exactly what they have accomplished would encourage them to aspire more until they finally achieve their goals.

Setting goals could also provide them a clear blueprint of what they should do in order to succeed. People can be motivated in life when they set goals because of the following reasons:

Short term goals would make success more attainable

This perception that the long term goal is not impossible would motivate people to take action.

They would be encouraged to embark on any activity in life as long as they plan their goals carefully.

Setting short term goals would also make sure they know what they have finished accomplishing and what steps they would do next.

Seeing something done is a good motivator for pragmatic people. This would also save time and money because every step has been outlined and no time is wasted on unnecessary activities.

Having direction is highly motivating

When people know exactly what direction they are headed to, they are highly motivated to start immediately.

They do not wander aimlessly like a car without a driver, or a ship without a captain.

They want to start the task immediately because they know what is expected of them.

The SMART method works well in most organization, namely, S- Specific, M- Measurable, A- Attainable, R- Relevant, T-Time

When people have purpose, they tend to act

A goal in life is like a purpose; people have their tasks outlined like a map.

They know what to expect every time a short term goal has been met.

Their success with the short term goals would inspire them to surge ahead and attain more short term goals until they are able to achieve their long term goal.

People would naturally bask in these small triumphs.

When people have goals, they feel they have a purpose in life
Oftentimes, people are lost and unable to succeed in anything that they do in life because they don’t have goals.

Once they start realizing the importance of setting goals in any of their undertakings, they would tend to succeed.

They would learn to plan activities by planning their goals carefully. Goals could also encourage people to reach for their aspirations in life.

The challenges that the goals pose to those who are brave enough to respond to the thrill of the moment is a good motivator.

In conclusion, if people have goals in life, they could be motivated more to take action because they know exactly what they could achieve.

They sail through life with a clear direction and purpose in mind, so they are bound to be the trend-setters.

Their goals would motivate them to take action.

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