How Partner Swapping Destroys a Marriage

Trust and fidelity are integral parts of a good marriage. If these two are lacking, no matter how one partner swore to high heavens how much he/she loves the other, that love will always be in question.

swapping partners

It is because when you truly love someone, it would be spontaneous for you to want to remain faithful to that particular person; to trust that person, and be trusted as well.

With partner swapping; however, this is not possible. After the partner swapping event, questions will arise like: “Did he find his partner gorgeous?” or “Is her partner better in bed than I am?” These are only a few of the unpleasant questions that would keep popping into your minds sooner or later.

This doubt and mistrust will slowly erode what may have been a near to perfect relationship. Aside from the aforementioned, here are other scenarios that could happen to aggravate the situation into a serious misunderstanding.

1. Will he/she do it again?

After the incident, no matter how you have assured each other previously that it would not matter to both of you, most couples would have this niggling question in their minds, “Will he/she do it again, even without my consent?’ Mistrust is like cancer that grows bigger and meaner until it eats out your whole being.

2. There is a chance that the partner swapping will result to a full-blown affair

There are many instances in which this happened. If the swapped partners hit it off sexually, then there would be a great possibility that they would seek each other out for a full-blown affair. Would you endanger what could have been a stable relationship just for a night of partner swapping? You could risk losing your marriage when this happens.

3. There will come a time that you will blame one another for the decision

When problems arise in the future as a result of the swapping, or even problems unconnected to that event, you will blame one another, and enmity will follow. This anger and hatred resulting from this “blame-game” will smolder and consume your heart until it destroys both of you.

4. Danger of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

The danger of getting infected with a sexually transmitted disease is a possibility. Just for one night of fun and pleasure, you risk contracting STDs. The effect would be disastrous to both of you. Even if it is a curable STD, the scar of the incident will remain forever etched in your marriage annals.

Trust will be hard to retrieve once the sense of betrayal rears its ugly head. So, why risk a good marriage in a one-night stand with the partner of a friend? If it is the novelty of the sexual experience you are after, then you could always derive the same carnal pleasures from your own partner, as long as you are both open and honest with each other about what satisfies you the most.

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