Holy Week: Malls are Closed as Catholics Observe Maundy Thursday

MANILA, Philippines – The observance of Holy Week left most malls closed as Catholics observe Maundy Thursday and Black Friday this March 28 & 29, 2013.

Filipinos are mostly Catholics so they observe all the religious rituals commonly performed during Holy Week, such as Ash Wednesday, days of fasting and abstinence, and finally, Easter Sunday.

Some have made vows of penitence like flogging themselves, and even have themselves crucified. The Roman Catholic Church, however, does not endorse the practice of flogging and crucifixion.

Praying Hands, Image credit: Albrecht Durer

There are other ways to do acts of penance such as fasting and doing acts of sacrifice. For Catholics all over the world, Holy Week is the celebration of the Risen Christ, of Easter Sunday and resurrection.

Friday, March 28, would be the most solemn of the days, because Catholics believe that it was the actual day that Jesus Christ died. Except for basic and urgent offices, most stores and malls are closed for the day.

On Saturday and Sunday, though, business would be back, as usual, with Easter Sunday being a day of celebration and joy.

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