HBO Releases “Game Change” Trailer: Julianne Moore Plays Sarah Palin

HBO releases the trailer of Sarah Palin’s</

strong> movie, “Game Change” who stars Julianne Moore as Palin, as revealed by

U.S. entertainment news, December 22, 2011.

Sarah Palin was elected as Governor of Alaska in 2006 a U.S. vice-presidential candidate in the 2008 election in which she lost.

The Sarah Palin’s movie was directed by Jay Roach, written for film by Danny Strong and based on a book written by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.

Game Change” also stars Ed Harris as McCain and Woody Harrelson as campaign strategist Steven Schmidt.

Here is the trailer, courtesy of HBO/YouTube.

Sarah Palin
Image Credit: David Shankbone

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