Going Back in Time to Posts Worth Remembering

I have wanted to write this article months ago, but regular work and an extra job, kept me busy. Oftentimes , I even can’t have time to go to the john. Anyway, I’ll write it now very briefly, to present some of the posts from my blogs that you may want to read. (I hope you may want to!)

First Post

I’ll start by presenting my very first post way back March 2008. This was an initial article and I was just trying to familiarize myself with the features of the blogger.com and wrote this first post, The Relaxer. It is short and amusing, because it is about the Rubix cube. Yes , I know how to solve it, It is not really that difficult when you learn the rudiments.

Most Commented Post

My most commented on post was A Book Tour of a Puppy is not a Guppy. I wrote this for Holly Jahangiri during the tour of  her book   “A Puppy is not a Guppy.” I had 77 comments and a lively conversion between Holly and the rest of the group. By the way, Holly is from Texas, and is a published author of several books. One of them is The Puppy…

Most interesting discussion

This recognition is given to Serendipity and Writing to Exhale, which yielded 55 interesting comments from Uber bloggers and visitors. I immensely enjoyed the camaraderie in that post.

I had wanted the following posts to have more readers, but I guess, they lacked that certain “X factor”, but I am proud of them anyway.

1. Chapter 1 – Umma Ayam Sinsana – is my novelette about Kalinga life and the Rebellion in the Philippines

2. It’s Never Too Late – an inspiring personal experience of another great writer- Jean Knill.

3. Quotes to Ponder on – just a collection of meaningful thoughts , I find helpful.

4. Relationship Topics– I would like to think that these articles can help married couples to renew their relationships.

5. Computer Topics – I know only the basics of the computer operation, so I let someone write significant topics that can help you with your questions. Nikes Alviz, will answer all your questions, He is the computer whiz man.

The post I like most was about Farmville, LOL…I was a Farmville fanatic but not anymore. I can’t squander precious time planting in a virtual farm without any tangible harvest.  The post entitled Anatomy of a Farmville Addiction was written by my favorite writer, Jan Geronimo for his blog Writing to Exhale.

I have several favorites too from Roy Dela Cruz’ blog . Here is Sleepless in Pampanga .  Visit his 16 blogs and read a variety of  great topics.

Oh, by the way, I would like to share too what I consider as an honor.  I was able to collate 27  wonderful stories from 27 bloggers all over the world  in   The Inspirational Book .

I am planning to do a sequel soon, but I have first to get the first book officially published by a book company. I know it deserves to be marketed world wide.

I am leaving you now with these updates. Can you recall any post that had made you stop and think? You can share them in your comments.

Back to work, guys.

8 thoughts on “Going Back in Time to Posts Worth Remembering”

  1. Sleepless in Pampanga is still my commented post thus far, even surpassing all the links and comments by the iBlog5 post. But my favorite post, in my main blog, at least is the post called "Frustrated writer no more" where I wrote about The Inspirational Book, a dream that you have made come true, Jen 😉

    For my short stories, I love all my post there, but my favorite right now is my latest post called "Beautiful in my eyes" for my poems, the one posted in Sugar Coated World called "I am too big for my dreams"

    I could go on all day, and I'm not even half the number of my blogs hehe…

    Nice post, Jen. It's really is nice to look back when we were still anonymous hehe… thanks to you, you pulled me out of that anonymity… and how!

    • Hello Roy,

      Those were the days, right? How the world changed and widened with all of you guys being around. But I miss Jan's post and Doc Z's comment and Holly, and Yatot, and Elmot and everyone..lol…

      You have indeed, so many superb posts, we could go on all day mentioning them. Perhaps you can write a post collating all your most interesting posts. I like that one too, about being a frustrated writer no more…

      Keep blogging…

  2. A sequel huh, I'm intrigued and will have to keep up with it. I did enjoy so many of your guest authors inspirational stories. Even if I couldn't seem to come up with something "inspirational", I enjoyed reading the ones done by others.

    • Hello Eric,

      Yes, can you write for me then? I invited you the first time, but I guess you were so busy. I invite you again for the second book.

  3. There are lots of memorable posts here but my memory can’t fit all of them though, memories, memories and more memories…looking back is good when you have good memories to look back at… tc.

    • But these are learning experiences AJ, so they are still good memories, right? Hold on to them, so you could write a book when you get older…lol…I will buy one of them.


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