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Everyone has a dream house. Even when I was a child I dreamt of living in the countryside; where the air was fresh and clean, where there was peace and calm; where there was quiet and solitude. I still have this dream up to this day; and so I dream on…

The house should be atop a hill or a mountain overlooking the magnificent view below. I love nature and would be delighted to commune with it every morning.

My house though, would not be a hut, but a modest mansion. Although, I want to live in the mountains far from the city, I would like my house to be complete with the amenities that I could afford.

A living room that should have the most Modern Furniture available; a sprawling sofa, a flat wide digital TV, a sturdy china cabinet, or the Contemporary Furniture that would be the pride of anyone owning it.

I find Italian Furniture too enthralling with the almost ethnic designs which remind me of my roots in Kalinga.

For my kitchen, I want all the modern amenities that technology could provide. Count in a dishwasher for good measure. I don’t want to spend my time doing all the household chores that could be done by a machine.

My Bedroom Furniture should be foremost comfortable. I like big fluffy pillows all around me when I sleep; and a big family bed because I move a lot in my sleep; perhaps because of my colorful dream experiences?

And of course, I want my room to be cool and conducive to sleep with Designer Furniture that would be visually attractive. That means that I will have to have an airconditioner and my own electric generator; so when it is the summer months, I could turn it on anytime I feel the heat suffocating me.
A beautifully manicured garden should be in my backyard, with swings or shades where I could spend the time when I wanted to write outdoors. I would also like a swimming pool where I could take a dip on summer evenings.
Photo by Randy Son Of Robert
I want all of these, because when I retire, I plan to pursue that one dream, I have been wishing for my whole life – to write to my heart’s content without any intrusion!

I wish I would be able to fulfill this dream.

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