Funny Reactions to Packers Aaron Rodgers Incredible Comeback to Win Game against Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers was injured during the Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears football game, but he came back with a vengeance and won the game for his team with a final score of 24-23.

Aaron Rodgers knee injury 2018

He had thrown 286 yards and three Touchdowns, and ran with one injured knee. Thus, fans had funny and incredulous reactions stating that Rodgers was not human and that he has acquired superpowers. Some fans of the Bears couldn’t help but admire Rodgers’ courage and skills.

There was even a viral question online asked allegedly by the Bears: “How can Aaron Rodgers with 1 knee beat us?”

Read some of these funny reactions on Twitter by sports fans. Comments courtesy of these Twitterpeeps:

Way to go, Aaron Rodgers!

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