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“If you have trouble saving money, spend it all, that way you have nothing to save and your problems would then be gone.”

“The sharpest of tongues are useless against the hardest of skulls, use a hammer to drive home the point…. point of the nail that is.”


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“The best line of work is at the hospital, in case of emergency you’re already there.”

“Fast food is called fast food because it eats up the contents of your wallet and gets you hungry really fast.”

“Love unrequited is a not a debt you can collect. It’s a loss you will have all your life to regret.”

“No one’s stopping you from falling in love, just don’t expect the person to catch you as your face is about to hit the floor.”

“A rag, no matter how colorful and clean is destined to do nothing more than get dirty trying to clean up someone else’s mess.”

“Even if life was as easy as rolling a dice, the chances of you getting the right number will still be as slippery as ice.”

“Sometimes the less you talk to people and leave them to their own devices, the faster they learn to live without you and the easier they give in to pressure.”

“Don’t think small deeds can’t accomplish big things. It takes no more than a small match to ignite the most beautiful fireworks.”

“I made the mistake of thinking people can heal the wounds and holes in my chest. Turns out all I needed was a little time to stitch them shut myself.”

“What kind of a friend are you if I can’t make a few mistakes every once in a while without you making it blow up in my face?”

“Talk is cheap unless you are actually saying something.”

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