Funny Quotable Quotes on Love and Life


“Man often resolves through violence whatever he has little patience for.”

“Sometimes you want to approach people but you can’t, sometimes you want to be of help to people but you can’t, sometimes you want to solve someone else’s problems but you can’t…because they won’t let you in.”


quotable quotes love life
quotable quotes love life


“Showing who you really are doesn’t take guts and courage, just self-respect. What takes guts and courage is eating a piece of cake that has been sitting idly in the refrigerator for weeks. It also involves a little stupidity.”

“Just because you love someone, it doesn’t oblige them to love you back. Sometimes they just want to be human around you or make you feel accepted. But don’t mistake it for love; love isn’t something you buy from other people with love and good deeds. Love is won by whatever the other person sees fit deserving of it. You can’t blame other people for choosing other people over you regardless of what you do because that’s their choice to make. Not one – you can force. You are only worth as much to the other person as they see you. Tallying your deeds doesn’t raise your value it often decreases it. Sometimes it is better to learn how to love yourself before other people because when everyone else jumps off while the boat is sinking the only person you can depend on is yourself.”

“Love will teach you to forgive and let go of whatever your enemy did to you whether they apologize to you or not. To treat them well whether they run your face through the mud or solid ground. Love demands you be good to everyone including the conceited people who make your life a living hell. Love will promise you so much, because we will be rewarded in heaven. Love will even make a martyr of you. Maybe I don’t know what I am saying but I do know that I don’t have what it takes to meet all those standards.”

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