Free Blog Hosting and My Plans

Since I started blogging , I have always wished for a free blog hosting , my own URL , a blogging community which could critique my blogs, and one place where I can download large amounts of pictures, videos, and files without living the site. I have planned to categorize all my articles into poetry, short stories, quotations, lyrics and novels.

I also had plans of using wordpress with one of my blogs to see if I could be more comfortable with it. All of these seem now to be fulfilled with this amazing free blog that is available over the net. It has all the features I have mentioned above, and many more innovative features.

In the future, I would like also to buy a domain name. What better way to continue blogging than to have your own name? I am sure this would enhance my blogging experience.

The Inspirational Book is progressing slowly. I need more 12 articles to make it 20 articles all in all. I am hoping by July, I would be having my 2o articles, so that the target date of August 31, 2009, would be met.

In the meantime, I would have to contend with this great blogging opportunity available in the Internet, because blogging would always be special to me.

10 thoughts on “Free Blog Hosting and My Plans”

  1. Hey, Jena,
    Thinking of you today and mentioned you in today’s post on my Communication Exchange blog. I finally acted on your suggestion to join Helium (actually I discovered I had joined it months ago and had forgotten about it) and submitted an article! Thanks for pushing me!

  2. Jena,
    Me again, Patricia here. I have a question for you about Helium that I couldn’t figure out on their site. I submitted an article yesterday and there doesn’t seem to be anyplace where the status of a submitted article is listed as there is on AC. Am I missing something obvious? You are the expert.

  3. Hi Jena,

    Checked out Thoughts and it seems fairly good. I guess it’s my free hosting for my other blogs (168center). But you’re right, it would be really nice to have our own domain name.

    I bought mine at, although I am not using them at the moment. They are still parked at

    Hopefully, I can use them soon (if I win 😉 )

    Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Patricia, Yes I’ve read your post, Thanks, I’ll be linking to your blog and include you in my favorite blog’s list.

    As for helium, your articles are published just as soon as you submit them. You can check their rankings by clicking on the MY HELIUM tab found at the top most portion of the page, then after this opens, click on the “MY ARTICLES” tab found at the left hand side bar.

    You can earn your stars just by posting 4 articles, which should be ranked 75 % and above. If you have a star, you’ll earn upfront payments for each of your article submitted. Good luck.

  5. Hi Roy,

    Yes, I did and they’re good. I am still trying to find ways how to transfer content to a new template without deleting anything. That’s my dilemma right now. I’m not so much on tweaking templates and HTML. lol.
    happy new year.

  6. Hello Jean,

    Thanks. yes do that, I know you’ll get it back in to time at all.

    Hi Patricia,

    Just click on the pencil icon and it would open to a template in which you could write on. Good luck.

  7. I do have a blog Jenna and I enjoyed your thoughts here by the way. I’m not sure that I am quite ready for the world to be signposted to it yet though. Especially as it is not up to date.


  8. Hi P1,

    Come on join our entrecard community. There are several good writers here. I’m sure you’ll enjoy their company.



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