For My Blogging Friends

I am Lyle, The Struggling Blogger had declared falsely.

Writing to Exhale, he skedaddled into his Sugar Coated world.

You see, he was Born on a Syzygy too that’s why he is a Third World Geek

And I would not blame his friend, Zorlone, if he thinks upon Reflection:
that he’s got to visit Ceblogger’s Sports Blog instead of hanging out with him.

The good doctor is a badminton enthusiast, you know.

Kelvinonian ideas on the other hand, might work as a Pamatay Homesick for him.

And Tales from the Mom Side usually comfort people.

But if it does not, then reading the Yatot Chronicles might do the trick .

Or he might be needing an exercise and A Walk in the Dark would rejuvenate his soul.

And if everything else fails, then he should hop over to Pinoy Sounding Board.
This would definitely save the day for his transient stay in this mundane existence.

And here’s a related article about MY NEW BLOGGING FRIEND, are you in it? Read and discover.

25 thoughts on “For My Blogging Friends”

  1. So, these seem to by random words that fit perfectly with one another. Not only in this free verse, but in real life.

    I am proud to be your "Anak-anakan."


  2. Hi Doc Z,

    Yes, in real life too. I hope the others can make it next time…(winks)

    I'm proud too to be a surrogate mother and mentor to such a talented writer.

  3. present!

    (did I miss one?)

    I heard a roll call here hehe…

    thank you very much for these beautiful poem Jena 😉

  4. Mam Jena,
    Thank you for dropping by on my blog. Well, what can i say Sir Roy is really great. I am looking forward to also meet other Kapampangan Bloggers. As of now, I only know few bloggers .I will let them know about this. Cool on this!

  5. Hi Paige

    Glad you were able to come here too. Yes, we should all support each other. Lalo na we belong to the same region. You can call me Jen.

  6. If everything else fails I can always skedaddle and bury my head in the sands.

    But what good does it do? Nada. Zilch. Bokya.

    I'd rather be in the company of friends. Tama ba?

    Or I should go skedaddling after all? Lols. Can't get the word out of my mind.

    Thanks, Jen, for this. 🙂

  7. He he he , Jan that word stuck with you. It's memorable , right? The same banana ba? I thought apple…just making you laugh. That's what we need nowadays.

  8. Finally here again Jena. 😀 I am flattered by the inclusion!

    Haha, I agree, being born on a syzygy does make you somewhat of a geek. Ahehehhe. Case in point..


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