For My Beloved

Butterfly Wings
By: Jayson Andrew Macmarquis

Like a gentle breeze
you came into my life,

Lost in dreams
I awoke to your touch.
A love I never imagined,
a love that felt so right
The way you touched me
and changed my life.
Someone who loves
me for all that I am.
The light in your eyes,
the warmth of your smile,
Your words so gentle,
your heart so giving.
Lifted all sorrow
my heart had borne.
With you beside me,
My today is joy,
tomorrow hope,
Your love fills me.
A love I never imagined
When you came into my life.
A gentle breeze,
like the touch of
a butterfly’s wing.

A song in the making.
Photo by HaPe_Gera

7 thoughts on “For My Beloved”

  1. Jena,

    this is a moving poem. i think it is a mother speaking to her child or v.v.

    a fitting mother’s day gift.

    that’s how i see it. hehehe. talk about imagination huh?


  2. No,Z,

    You’re wrong this time, it’s a poem of a lover dedicated to his beloved. lol..It’s a beautiful poem isn’t it? I did not write it by the way. My God, I should credit him for it. Thanks for reminding me.


  3. Delightful, Jena. I thought it was yours, but whoever wrote it, it’s lovely and evokes a feeling of calm and peace. Very relaxing read.

  4. Hi Jean,

    Well, I wrote one or two lines, but I don’t take credit just for two and happy blog hopping.


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