‘Flappy Bird Creator Commits Suicide’ is a Hoax, as #RIPFlappyBird Trended Online; Reactions on Twitter

The news that ‘Flappy Bird creator, Dong Nguyen, commits suicide’ is a hoax, various reports revealed, as #RIPFlappyBird trended on Twitter for a few hours.


The Flappy Bird game became a hit and has topped the Google and iTunes game applications, but apparently, Dong Nguyen, its Vietnamese creator, was not happy about the disruption of his simple life, and has removed it from online stores.

Reportedly, after the removal of the game, he received death threats and wild reactions from fans. News is presently circulating that there are people wanting to buy phones at expensive prices, if they have the Flappy Bird game.

Dong Nguyen has not tweeted yet since his last tweet on February 9, announcing his removal of the Flappy Bird game.  After his announcement, the game has, indeed, been deleted, but there was no further tweet from the developer, prompting some people to assume the worst.

Twitter reacted with numerous people venting off their frustration of the game on him; the game is very simple but frustrating – the bird has to fly through the bars to score, but players find it extremely difficult to last even a few minutes.Some players tagged it the most frustrating game of all time.

This one tweet says it all.

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