Fireworks 2013 New Year’s Eve: London and Sydney Spectacular Fireworks

The Fireworks for 2013 New Year’s Eve all over the world were spectacular. Special mention goes to the London and Sydney fireworks display for New Year’s Eve 2013 – they were superb, as expected.

Revelers watched in awe as December 31, 2012 12 midnight transitioned to welcome January 1, 2013.

Fireworks’ displays are most awaited event during New Year’s Eve. At the London Fireworks, the songs played were well synchronized with the brilliant display of lights.

London Fireworks 2013
London Fireworks 2013

Songs of famous personalities, mostly British singers, were played alongside the din of colorful and spectacular firework. Some of the songs were that of Adele’s, Psy’s and Queen’s.

Sydney Fireworks 2013 displays were not to be outdone. The lights was just as colorful as that of London’s.

Next would be the New Year’s Ball in New York, USA at the Time Square, which Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy would be hosting.

Australians claim to provide the best Firework display for 2013. Be the judge!

London Fireworks 2013

Video credit: brayde7/YouTube

Sydney Fireworks 2013

Video credit: brayde7/YouTube

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