Filipino Volunteers from Thailand Visit Bantayan Islands and Santa Fe to Give Donations

CEBU, PhilippinesFilipino volunteers from Thailand visited Bantayan Islands and Santa Fe to personally give donations to Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) survivors last February 20, 2014. The donations came from various institutions, such as the International Women’s Club (ICW), British Chambers of Thailand, Saint Andrew School, the Filipino Community Organizing Committee (FCOC), and private individuals.

The noble-hearted ladies who took time off from their busy schedule to supervise the distribution of the donations to the three barangays of Bantayan and Santa Fe are: Angie Dela Rosa, Gloria Simister and Rosalie Persson. They stayed there for 5 days, and with the help of Mayor Ian Christhoper Escario , they were able to facilitate the  distribution of the donations to the intended recipients.

Bangkok volunteers with mayor
Filipino Bangkok volunteers with Mayor Escario

The donations included 3 primary school buildings with 8 rooms, one stage for the high school, and 4 pump boats. The group donated to Santa Fe 63 houses.

Tacloban, Cebu and the Yolanda devastated areas are still reeling from the destruction to life and property that the super typhoon wrought. Hopefully, with the help of the global community, these areas would eventually rise from the destruction and helplessness of their dire situation. The group of volunteers will return afterwards to check the progress of the projects.

To the volunteers and donors from Thailand, the Philippines says “Thank you” to all of you.

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