Filipino Skater, Michael Christian Martinez, Ranked #1 as the Most Supported Athlete during the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014

Filipino Skater, Michael Christian Martinez, was ranked #1 as the Most Supported Athlete during the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. Michael, himself, took the opportunity to thank his friends on his Facebook and Twitter pages:

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Michael Christian Martinez, Filipino Figure Skater-Road to Olympics 2014

“I was the #1 supported athlete in the Sochi 2014 website,
out of 2,850 athletes from 89 countries.
And, I owe it to all of you my dear friends !
Thank you very much !!”

What is ironic is that Michael had no significant help from the Philippine government before the Sochi Olympics. Despite the fact that there was relatively no help from the government but largely from the private sector such as SMART and SM companies. The 17 year-old still has managed to make it to Sochi’s Top 19 of the Men’s Figure Skating competition, among various contestants from all over the world.




Michael Martinez is also an optimist, who did not allow his problems – financial and health problems – to interfere with his dream of placing the map of the Philippines in the World Olympics. His nobility of character shines through how he conducts himself; his humility, amiability, and optimism is a good example to the Filipino youth. He is a genuine “Ice Hero

After his competition in Russia, more private organizations vowed to support him. The Philippine government would surely do its share in helping out this young, talented and determined skater to earn a medal in the Olympics.

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