Facebook Powerball Hoax Goes Viral: Nolan Daniels Giving $1 Million Dollars to Random “Likers” Untrue

Facebook Powerball Hoax goes viral since Nolan Daniels posted his alleged winning ticket on Thursday, November 29, 2012, and a promise of giving $1 million dollars to a random person on Facebook who would “Like” the photo.

International news disclosed that the Powerball ticket is a hoax, and Nolan Daniels picture with the supposedly winning ticket was photo-shopped.

Daniels’ photo is doing the rounds on Facebook with almost half a million shares already.

Nolan Daniels Powerball hoax
Nolan Daniels

So, if you come across a photo of the smiling Nolan Daniels saying he won the Powerball, and would award 1 million to a random liker, then warn your friends. It is a hoax.

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