Exercise is one significant part of staying healthy. Muscles need to be flexed in order for them to retain their tone, mass and flexibility. Even machines grow rusty when not used for long periods of time. That is precisely the reason why men who want to have great muscles go to the gym often. The more a muscle is used, the greater it would develop. Exercising also increases the secretion of testosterone (the true male sexual hormone) in men, allowing maximum growth and development of their secondary male sexual characteristics.

Exercising also lowers blood pressure because it “eats” up the lipid deposits in the blood vessels thereby avoiding plaque formation. Blood circulation is also increased allowing the blood to flow freely and “unresisted”.

Brisk walking is a good form of exercise for people of all ages. There are very few restrictions – unlike with other forms. Walking is generally good for the heart, for the elderly, for children and young adults and is even advised for pregnant women in their late stages, in most cases.

Before you go to work, do a 30 minute “jog-in place” workout. In the office, do your own errands. Walk around during breaks instead of sitting down. Run for that cup of tea. Do 10 minute-walks within the day, as often as you can.

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Just like any other exercise; however, consult your doctor first before commencing on your exercise regimen.


  1. My incentive to start walking more was to get a dog! For some reason, my guy doen’t like to potty in my yard so armed with pick up bags a plenty, we walk around the block so he can find his perfect poo spot. As an added bonus, I met more of my neighbors in my new neighborhood than I would have without my daily walks with my dog.

  2. Yes, Condo Blues, that is a killing two birds with one stone while you socialize with your neighbors. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Been going to the gym with my friend and coworker for three weeks now and feeling much better everyday. Have a great week.


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