EDSA Revolution 2014: Why I hate Noynoy Aquino’s Leadership, From a Common Tao’s Point of View

This EDSA Revolution post is from a Common Tao’s point of view; common tao, meaning an ordinary Filipino citizen who does not have any designs for self-aggrandizement or political aspirations. The Grammar Nazis too can unroll their sleeves for a while, because I’m not here to impress you with my highfalutin words. Likewise, I don’t pretend to be an expert on economic GNP and other financial concerns, nor claim to be an erudite who knows about what converts nations into “roaring lions.” I just want to express how disheartened I am of Noynoy Aquino’s Leadership, while I still have the chance to do so.

EDSA Revolution
EDSA Revolution, Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

I am a Filipino who has experienced life during the Marcos era- (pre-martial and post martial law), and the various governments that came after that; Corazon Aquino, Joseph Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, FVR, and now, Noynoy Aquino. I could state with conviction, that Noynoy Aquino’s leadership is the worst I have witnessed since then. Hence, I don’t celebrate the EDSA Revolution. I do not see it as an event representing my democracy. What I can only admire about the event is the peaceful rally that occurred, and one pivotal factor was because the person occupying Malacanang then, opted not to use violence just to hold on to power. Marcos loved his country more than his desire for power, and for that I salute him.

Before the “Online Libel Law” would finally be implemented, I would like to enumerate the facts why I detest this government.

  1. Online Libel Law

This people talk about why they were against Martial Law, that their freedom of speech has been curtailed; that no one is allowed to speak ill of the government or else…but look, the son of the tagged ‘restorer’ of freedom has nothing to say against online libel. It is relatively easy to label a writer’s displeasure of politicians as libel. How could there be check and balances if no one would be able to criticize the scalawags in government? Do politicians want to hear/read only the good news, like the president? (Thank you Dr. Fortun for that bit of information.)

GMA has even more courage than Noynoy Aquino because unlike him, she wants to hear both the bad and the good news. So, online libel as a criminal offense? C’mon people, you claim to hate Martial Law huh? Why do this?

  1. Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda)

I know I don’t have to enumerate all that have taken place during the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. What I remember with clarity and enmity was watching the video of Mar Roxas stating indifferently, “…bahala na kayo sa buhay ninyo,” and Aquino who came to his defense stating, in not so many words, that politics was not the issue. Indeed, he is an Aquino and the mayor of Tacloban is a Romualdez. How I gnashed my teeth listening to all that meaningless brouhaha when thousands of people were dying of hunger and pain that very minute. Wala ba kayong mga puso? Puedeng tulong muna tayo – as in ngayon na – bago satsat? (Are you heartless imbeciles? Can you not help first people in urgent need before discussing politics?)

I was never a violent person, but I had the urge to throw something at the idiot box, when I watched the president- in another interview – blaming the local government for not responding to the emergency situation.  My God, what part of the catastrophe did he not understand? To put it simply, if patient A has figured in a serious accident and is unconscious, could he render first aid to himself? Of course not! Common sense.

President Aquino – even on international TV- was passing the blame to the local government. When the interviewer unabashedly pointed out that he was responsible because he was the president of the country, he was speechless momentarily, and replied in the affirmative, but continued to worm his way out of this responsibility. My face turned red-hot, if you know what I mean.

I remember what noble men do in these situations; they would stand tall and say: “The buck stops here.” When would Aquino stop blaming others for his failures? Please don’t keep on blaming GMA, or Marcos, or Romualdez or even Typhoon Haiyan.  You should be man enough to say: “The buck stops here.”

The death toll? Well, it’s nearer 10,000 than your prediction of 2,000 plus, and still people are discovering rotting bodies even after all these months. The government has stopped counting, though. It seems that self-esteem and international image is significantly more important at the expense of truth.

Overpricing of bunkhouses, international aids not reaching their intended recipients, rotting sacks of rice in storage, and many more infractions are proof of this government’s incompetence and indifference to the plight of the poor. I could go on and on about this government’s grievous failure in responding to crucial issues during Typhoon Haiyan, but this post would not be enough to expose the details.

  1. Manny Pacquiao and Michael Christian Martinez

These two athletes deserve the government’s support, but what does the government do? It tries to cover up its inefficiency by pointing out support from non-government institutions.

Pacquiao’s billion- tax from his hard earned money, coming from his own blood and tears, is definitely something that the government wants to dip into. Why does the BIR not run after rich tycoons? Fry big notorious fishes, and not those who bring pride and honor to our country. The senate is allegedly full of them. Kelan matatapos ang hearing ni Napoles? (When would the Pork Barrel scam case of Napoles be resolved?) Goodness, we pay you to do your job and not mess up this country.

In the case of Martinez where the mother wrote Malacanang for help, how could an email be sent to SPAM if someone was meticulously ‘examining’ all mails for the president? These are mails for the Chief Executive so all mails should be considered essential before deleting the SPAM folder.

There were donations from private and international companies for Michael, but one that solely came from the government? Well, it seems you can kiss your _ss goodbye. You have to become internationally known first before the government helps you out.

  1. Prices of electricity, LPG, and basic commodities

Pag walang corrupt, walang mahirap,” (If there is no corruption, there is no poverty) this is your campaign slogan but there are more indigent Filipinos now. Nasaan ang tuwid na daan? The prices of almost everything spiraled. What is government doing about them? Justifying them. Mr. President, I assume you have NEVER experienced a day in your life when you have not eaten three square meals a day. If you had, you would have more empathy with the hardships we, the common tao, are experiencing. We could hardly cope with our daily expenses, but we still pay our taxes religiously. Would it be justified enough to demand that you should ensure that they be spent conscientiously and properly?

Where are the basic services that the poor people urgently need such as hospitals, schools, and shelter? Are there new government service institutions being organized or are you privatizing all of them? Take pity on the poor. Where would they go for free medical services if you privatize government hospitals? Don’t you feel even a teeny-weeny empathy for them?

All we know is that our taxes are used as bargaining chips for the senate or for whatever purpose you deem proper. The bad news is that they’re not proper for us.

You could do something about it, if you want to. Invite more business players, perhaps to stabilize the price? Evaluate carefully why they would like to increase their prices. Dialogue with them to come to an acceptable agreement.

Instead of giving additional finances to politicians, pay more attention to basic services such as hospitals, more free schools, and infrastructures for your people.

Life is more difficult nowadays. The streets have become a jungle, even in  broad daylight, where one must always be on the lookout for snatchers, thieves and criminals. Filipino families struggle to survive. There’s little to look forward to.

President Aquino Philippines
President Noynoy Aquino

I’ll summarize what I hate about Noynoy Aquino’s leadership

  • He does not own up to his failures. There is always somebody to blame.
  • He lacks empathy, based on his reactions and actions.
  • He is vengeful. Observe what happened to all his purported “enemies.”
  • He is not a genuine statesman. He lacks tactfulness, which is sorely needed in dealings abroad.
  • He is all words and less action.

Suffice to say that this post has not discussed all the other reasons why I hate Noynoy Aquino’s leadership. I state positively that I am not paid for expressing these thoughts, nor do I belong to the opposition.  This is my opinion, the common tao.

2 thoughts on “EDSA Revolution 2014: Why I hate Noynoy Aquino’s Leadership, From a Common Tao’s Point of View”

  1. I voted for him. OMG, how I wished I could take back my vote. I still do and will do so if given the chance.

    He came into office riding on the overwhelming goodwill of the Filipino people. He just didn’t squeak by unlike other presidents who won by the skin of their teeth. He could have instituted real and meaningful reforms in government. He failed to do that. Instead, this president foisted on us his Tuwid na Daan slogan – the most useless, hypocritical load of crap that turned out to be.

    You’re right. He’s vengeful and petty. And no worse than the traditional politicians he used to differentiate himself from. I delight in calling him The Emperor in Twitter because that’s what he truly is – a throwback, an unfortunate boil on the face of contemporary history, and most confounding of all -a waste of good genes. Malabnaw na ano?

    It’s often said that the fruit does not fall far from the tree. Well, this anomalous fruit does, laying to waste homegrown wisdom and logic. Oddly enough, the illustrious fruit seems to relish wallowing in the awful dung of mediocrity. It’s a pity he drags the nation down with him.

    • Very well said, Jan. Indeed, he’s not the ‘fruit’ that should have come from good genes? He was born with a silver spoon, so that would be the closest rationale of his lack of empathy.


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