Easter Sunday is a Celebration of New Beginnings and a Promise of Redemption

PAMPANGA, PhilippinesEaster Sunday is a celebration of New Beginnings, and is the ultimate reason for Holy Week – the promise of redemption and resurrection.

Catholics believe that Easter Sunday is the day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead and promised salvation to people who would follow His teachings. This March 31, 2013 is one of these Sundays of Hope.

Easter Sunday is usually celebrated with children participating in Easter Egg Hunts, like, the Easter Extravaganza sponsored by Jenra Mall at the Paradise Ranch at Clark Nature and Conservation Park.

At the Jumbo Jenra Mall in Sindalan, San Fernando, an educational interaction of kids and animals at the mall from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm is featured. The Facebook page of Jenra Mall reveals it’s free.

Online, there are also several Easter Egg Hunt games and applications. Throughout the country and all over the world, children are looking forward to Easter Sunday Hunts and games.

Jenra Mall Easter Sunday
Jenra Mall Easter Sunday, Image credit: Jenra Mall

Meanwhile, adults celebrate new beginnings and the promise of spiritual redemption.

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