Earth Day 2013: Pictures of the Amazing Treasures of Mother Earth

Earth Day is April 22, 2013, and just like celebrations annually, this day is observed with environmental awareness events. Earth Day celebration has been established by Sen. Gaylord Nelson of the US in 1970. Since then, the momentous date has been celebrated yearly, all over the world.

Mother Earth was previously thought to be flat, but soon enough man came to know that it is round, or – to be more specific- spherical in shape. It has the power to heal itself, over the course of time; soil soaked with dead carcasses could putrefy, dissolve and be absorbed into the soil. The putrid and deathly stench is mixed with the Earth‘s composition turning them into a form that is useful, such as, fertilizer.

Sometimes, though, the destruction is extremely severe that man has to help to allow the natural balance to be maintained. When this does not happen, natural calamities such as floods, occur. That’s why man has to be environmental-friendly so that life on Earth could be sustained.

Around the world, Earth Day campaigns, pledges, petitions and nature-friendly events are initiated. If every country observes Earth Day, then man could ensure the good future of his children, and his children’s children.

Mountains and seas are Earth’s treasures. These mountain ranges with verdant vegetation are slowly disappearing. If man continues to denude the forests, then great floods may occur just like during the time of Noah.

Bodies of water are polluted with toxic chemicals and harmful industrial products too. Soon, they would ‘die’ if man does not help to ensure their natural state. Everyone should lend a helping hand to help Mother Earth survive and; thereby, ensuring man’s survival, as well.

What man gives to Mother Earth, Mother Earth gives back a thousand fold. To celebrate Earth Day, here are some pictures of the amazing treasures of Mother Earth.

Bay-yo Rice Terraces Mountain Province, Image credit: Arvee Trinidad
Pampanga mountains
Pampanga Mountains, Image credit: Sarah Kay Pekson David
Ifugao Mountains
Ifugao Mountains, Image credit: Arvee Trinidad
Pristine Beach

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