Dwight Howard with Houston, is it a Done Deal? Reactions to His Leaving the Lakers

Would Dwight Howard sign up with the Houston Rockets? Various sports news reports disclosed that he would; his agent denied the news though.

Dwight Howard has been with the Los Angeles Lakers with star player Kobe Bryant.

Howard had several choices aside from the Houston Rockets; Dwight Howard has been considering also the Warriors and the Mavericks.

Dwight Howard, Image credit: ibtimes.com

If Howard has indeed signed up with the Houston Rockets, then it indicates that he wants to fly to the skies with the likes of Jeremy Lin.

Dwight Howard trends on Twitter as basketball fans tweet their excitement for the Houston Rockets and their reaction to Howard leaving the L.A. Lakers.

Most reactions were of eagerness and excitement. Most fans would like to see him play for the Rockets. A few were indifferent and wished him good riddance. With the Lakers, he would be earning more though, a cool $118 million, while with other teams, it would only be $88 million.

What would be Dwight Howard’s final decision?

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