Dr. Raquel Fortun Tweets: “Yolanda’s death toll is very likely 10K by now and may go up to as many as 20K”

MANILA, PhilippinesDr. Raquel Fortun, the Forensic Pathologist who left Tacloban because of NBI elements, tweeted: “Yolanda’s death toll is very likely 10K by now and may go up to as many as 20K. So will I be getting a memo from the President of the PHL?”

Dr. Fortun is a well-respected Forensic Pathologist, and UP Professor, who did her job without fear of revealing the truth. She made the headlines when she pointed out the incompetence of the government and PNoy Aquino. PNoy reportedly said that a “certification or a coroner’s report” is needed before a body is counted. Dr. Fortun pointed out that there are no coroners in the Philippines.


President Aquino has stated during interviews that the death toll is less than what the media reported. Eyewitnesses, however, disclosed that there are still bodies under the various rubble. The death toll is now above 5,000 and would continue to increase as figures in other affected areas come in. Presumably, this body count included identified bodies only.

When a Twitter follower suggested that Dr. Fortun should talk to the palace about her concerns, instead of tweeting, Dr. Fortun revealed that she tried talking to DILG director, Mar Roxas, but to no avail.

Raquel Fortun@Doc4Dead 23h

“Bakit dito sa twitter di ko raw sabihin sa Malacañang. Kasi di ako bagay dun. Nag face2face kami ni Mar sa TAC, useless. I swear I tried.”

Another revelation by the courageous Pathologist was a comparison of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo with PNoy Aquino:

Raquel Fortun@Doc4Dead 28 Nov

“So pag yung boss mo ayaw sa bad news, out of place ka dun. Hanggang sa ikaw rin good-news-only na rin.”

(If your boss doesn’t like bad news, you’re out of place there. Until such time that you would also be reporting only the good news.)

Raquel Fortun@Doc4Dead 28 Nov

“Kay xPGMA kasi hala itapon mo lang sa kanya lahat ng problema and she will deal with them. Yung nakaupo ngayon allergic sa bad news.”

(With PGMA, you can dump all problems to her and she will deal with them. The person seated right now is allergic to bad news.)

Dr. Fortun’s Twitter followers increased significantly – almost 6,000 – with her taking the brave stand, instead of lying to the Filipino people. Many Filipinos are supporting her in her courageous endeavor of pointing out the incompetence of the Aquino government.

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