Digital Life Sacrifice of Celebrities for World AIDS Day

Celebrities, Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson, and a few more are willing to sacrifice their digital life for World AIDS Day, until they are able to raise a million for charity, according to international news sites.

Lady Gaga
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The noble goal of raising a million to “Keep a Child Alive,” in India and Africa has found its home in the hearts of these popular celebrities. They would sign off from two of the most popular social networking sites Twitter and Facebook on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010, to show support for Alicia Keys’ charity concert and noble endeavor. Alicia Keys and Leigh Blake are the proponents of this movement.

This unique digital death will undoubtedly raise the awareness to the needs of HIV/AIDS affected people among millions of fans of Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and the rest of the celebrities.

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  1. When I first read this, I thought they were going to stage a die-in in Second Life, and my first reaction was, "Gee, that's just creepy." I wasn't much more impressed by the whole "sign off Twitter for a day" business. But when I understood that they were doing it to show support for Alicia Keys' concert, it made more sense. Thanks, Jen.


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