Dick Gordon: He Renders Service as Red Cross Chairman without Waiting for the Cameras

MANILA, Philippines – Dick Gordon is not often photographed, but observant people would notice that he renders service as Red Cross Chairman without waiting for the cameras. He participates actively – a doer – and not just a passive chairman.

From his Facebook page, he states:

“WE DO WHAT MUST BE DONE… Clean up and retrieval operation: Imelda Ave and EVSU Loop.”

From bits and pieces of news, Red Cross has been responsible in bringing back potable water, food, tents, medical aid, and many more to the survivors of Yolanda (Haiyan.)

The Philippine Red Cross is also one organization that people could trust with their contributions and donations. Gordon’s leadership makes this possible.

Image credit: Philippine Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross is still accepting donations and contributions for the Haiyan victims, and with there slogan: “Always first, always ready, always there,” More Haiyan survivors would receive help.

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