David Broder, the Award-Winning Political Columnist Dies at 81

David Broder
Image Credit: politico.com

David Broder died Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at the age of 81 in Capital Hospice, Arlington, Virginia. He was the dean of the Washington press corps, a nickname he gained in his 30’s because of his political views. According to international news, the award winning columnist died due to complications of his diabetes. He has long been suffering from the illness which eventually forced him to slow down from his work.

He is popular for his presidential coverage and policy debates over the last decades. His more than 400 appearances in “Meet the Press” is record breaking. He especially preferred the interaction with the voters during presidential elections and always sought to gauge the political views of the electorate.

His works moves beyond television. He also contributed his talents in giving commentaries in various articles, in the publication of books and as university lecturer. He won the American Pulitzer Prize after his works on Watergate which led to the resignation of then President Richard Nixon.

David Broder’s co-workers have too much praises to say about him. According to Katherine Weymouth, publisher of Post, “David always behaved as though he had more to learn than to teach”. Even President Barack Obama dubbed him as the “most respected and incisive political commentator of his generation”.

Meanwhile family of Mr. Broder said that “his reporting colleagues and friends were a deep source of enjoyment for him”. The voters who would let him in to their homes and converse with him gained his utmost respect and admiration.

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