Common Mistakes that Drive Men Away

What drive men away? There are several reasons. For women to nurture a good relationship, they should know the common mistakes that drive men away. This is because no matter how women follow relationship tips, they will never pay off if they keep on committing these common mistakes. Here are some tips for women who have just broken off from their boyfriends.


If you think that being always around will win your boyfriend back, you are completely wrong. The number one rule for ex girlfriends is the “no contact rule”. You should stop following him wherever he goes and stop sending messages as they are no longer seen as sweet things to say to your boyfriend. Instead, he will view them as your desperate moves to get him back. Do not be like a maniac stalking him and checking on all his whereabouts.

You will only look pathetic if you keep on terrorizing him and his friends with your presence. Instead, you need to get a life of your own. Get more sociable by surrounding yourself with other people. Set some distance until he realizes that he needs you in his life. This is an effective way on how to make your ex boyfriend want you back.



Non-Stop Explanation

Your man broke up with you because of a reason and it may not always be your fault, so stop explaining your side. Once or twice is enough. Do not explain more than that. He will not listen if you keep on insisting about the reasons why he should go back to you. The best way to make your ex boyfriend want you back is to show him that you can go on with your life even after the break up. Although you feel devastated, you will not allow the heartache to put your self-esteem down. Remember, you cannot convince your man to come back to you by enumerating all your good qualities. He has to see them naturally come out from you. One way to get your ex-boyfriend want you back is to improve and highlight your positive points.

Making Him Jealous

Jumping on to another relationship or entertaining other suitors right away is not a good way on how to get your ex-boyfriend back. In fact, this will ruin all plans to win him back. Women who go on rebound relationships are not able to get their men back. They even fall into another problematic relationship. If you do not want to push your man away from you, stop making him jealous. Besides, it is never fair for another man to be used in your plans.

Moving without a Plan

Another common mistake of women who fail to succeed in getting their ex boyfriend back is working without a definite plan. They must understand the whole situation and know when and how to act appropriately. For example, they can think of cute things to say to their boyfriends. When they have a good plan, they can easily lure their man back to them.

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