Cincinnati Reds Win over the Milwaukee Brewers

The Cincinnati Reds won over the Milwaukee Brewers as they start to defend their National League (NL) Central title at the Great American Ball Park in the grand start of the National League baseball games 2011. This is according to sports news sites, March 31, 2011.

Ramon Hernandez was one of the major players who have led the Cincinnati Reds a 7-6 victory against the Milwaukee Brewers. With the win the Reds reinstated their place as division champion in the 2010 season. Hopefully the rotation of the team would be better than that of the Atlanta Braves or the Yankees.

The opening game proves to be a superb start for the Cincinnati Reds which is hoping to capture the division title of the National League 2011 and retain the glory of being the champion and eventually win a world series.

This is a video of the Cincinnati red’s win in 2010 uploaded by slehmkuhl

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