Christmas and New Year’s Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

By: Virginia B. Gaces

Christmas and New Year’s Gift Ideas for teenage girls are sometimes difficult to decide on. Teenagers are very hard to please. You have to be in the same frequency as their brain wavelengths to be able to discern which Christmas gifts teenage girls would most appreciate.


Here are some gift ideas that could help you decide gifts for your teen girls:

1. Gift certificates

You will never go wrong with gift certificates! They could range from as low as $ 50 to $ 1000 or more. With these certificates, they are given the freedom to choose what they would truly want.

Buy the gift certificate from a department store that is large enough to provide her with several options; from gadgets, to make-ups, to stuffed toys, to appliances and many more.

This will also save you the headache of deciding what best to buy for her. The price could also be adjustable according to your available budget.

She would be happy too, that you’re treating her as an adult by allowing her to decide.

2. Cell phones

Teenagers would welcome the latest cell phones available in the market. It would make them “cool” in the eyes of their peers. Remember, this is one of their utmost concerns, to be accepted and looked up to by their friends. Belongingness is vital at this stage of their lives, so this is an ideal Christmas Gift Idea for teenage girls.

Cell Phones

3. Dresses in fashion

Teen girls dress up for fashion. They don’t want to be considered nerds or pariahs among their peers. Balance your taste between her comfort and the on-going fashion. If the present fashion does not cater to your taste, don’t worry so much as your fashion several years ago; likewise, does not cater to her taste. Each generation has their own sense of how people should be dressed, so you must respect hers.

As long as the dress does not shock your sensibilities and does not show half of her soul, then it would be okay.

4. The latest iPod model

This is assuming that you have enough financial resources to buy this. A teenager usually looks “cool” to her peers when she owns the latest of anything. Of course, you have to make her realize that this is not necessarily the case; that good character is still the genuine factor that makes someone cool.


5. Jewelry

Trendy and fashionable ear rings, necklaces and bracelets, even if they’re not 18 carat gold, are welcomed by teen girls.

In fact, online it is one of the most ordered commodity – tinker bells, juicy couture and many more. You could also order her birthstone. Make it more meaningful by personalizing it with her name engraved on it. Wouldn’t it be a superb Christmas or New Year’s Gift Idea for your teenage girl?

6. Scent collections

A set of scents that would suit her different moods would be good. Teen girls usually want to experiment with scents. If your budget is not enough then opt not for the purse concentrates but the diluted colognes or sprays which are usually cheaper.

7. A Book on one of her interests

You could buy her a book intended for growing up teens; like “A Smarty book for Teen Girls”, “How to Deal with First Crushes”, “Sewing and its Benefits”, “The Autobiography of Princess Diana”, and many more. You have to be aware of what she is interested in.

If the book interests her enough then, she would stay at home to read it, thereby; keeping her off the streets.


8. Cameras

Digital cameras which are handy are trendy to teenagers. Buy the color that she likes and personalize it. A teen girl is struggling to establish her identity and adulthood and nothing would beat the exhilarating feeling of knowing that she has full possession of the object.

These are some Christmas and New Year’s Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls. Whatever you decide to give your teen girl for Christmas, always do it with love. Love is still the vital factor that would make the Christmas gift complete and meaningful.

Happy holidays!

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